Agnieszka's amazing determination!

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Our mission is to develop and deliver the best personal supports that listen to what people want and achieve the things that matter to them.  When Agnieszka, supported by our Dundee Services, highlighted something that was very important to her, staff couldn't wait to help!


Agnieszka’s son said to his mum that he wanted her to be healthier so she can play with him and so she can live a happier life with him. Agnieszka took this seriously and reached out to her support worker, Kat, to ask for help and support to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Agnieszka wanted to do more exercise however did not have the motivation to do this alone. Agnieszka and Kat started off with walks around the local area and completing exercises classes online however, Agnieszka did not feel that this was enough for her.

Agnieszka wanted to attend the gym but did not know where to start; finding the right gym for her, how to join and how to get one she could afford. Kat took action! With Agnieszka’s permission, Kat contacted the occupational therapist to seek advice on how we could support Agnieszka safely in this area. Kat teamed up with the OT and arranged to meet with Agnieszka to put a plan in place that was tailored to Agnieszka’s choices and abilities. Due to Agnieszka’s understanding of English being limited, Kat played a key role in communicating with other agencies and health workers.

Kat and Agnieszka sourced out a gym that was closed by and at a cost that met Agnieszka’s budget. Kat organised with the OT to meet at the gym to give Agnieszka an induction of what machines that would best benefit Angieszka and what she wanted to achieve!

Agnieszka is now enjoying the gym and is attending weekly with support from Kat. Kat continues to motivate Angieszka, keeping her on track with her new healthier lifestyle and achieving her goal of feeling healthy and safe. The next step in Agnieszka’s journey if for a dietician to become involved and for Agnieszka to move forward with a healthier diet. You’ve got this Agnieszka!


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