Thank you to Staff in Tain!

Thursday 23 December 2021

This year the organisation allocated £20 to each member of staff as an extra 'thank you' for their continued commitment and hard work throughout the year.  Each Manager was given the mission to speak to staff and come up with fun ways to celebrate as a team.


In Tain they thought long and hard about how to use the £20.00 celebratory funding for each of the 29 staff.  Nights out and group celebrations were off the table and gift vouchers didn’t seem enough.

After some discussion, they contacted ‘Made In Tain’ which is a local social enterprise working with people with additional needs to make a variety of crafts.

Alison from Made in Tain, was more than happy to take on the challenge, putting together candles, soaps, key rings and chocolate orange holders for the 29 staff members.

Alison and Caroline

After taking receipt of the gifts Senior Support Workers Caroline, Tom, Jessica and Team Manager, Kelly spent the morning bagging them up, adding tags and writing Christmas cards, before loading Senior Support Worker Jessica with as many as she could carry!

contents of bagschristmas tree and celebratory bagsJessica with the bags 2
















Jessica and Caroline then headed to the service to hand over the gift bags to the staff.

Jessica and sharon 2jessica karen janice and caroline









Kelly, Caroline, Jessica and Tom would like to say to their staff team:

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

Sharon, Zara, Anne, Christina, Mairead, Karen L, Rhiannon , Katie, Joyce, Lynne, Becky, Adele, Frances, Lorraine, Liz M,  Debbie, Gillian, Laura, Claire, Wendy, Klaudia, Kay, Liz I, Karen M, Billie, Janice, Lesley, Jacky and Solvita

"Thank you for your continued commitment over a difficult year, you have made our jobs easier, and provided amazing support to the women in Tain".




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