Rosina's day of fun!

Friday 28 January 2022

On Tuesday 11th January 2022, Rosina was supported to use the Johnstone office activity room.  This was the first time Rosina had been there and she had lots of FUN! With COVID-19 restrictions being more relaxed, Rosina is delighted to be back out and about and receiving her full hours of support.  In preparation for her exciting day, Rosina completed her rules which is important for her to keep and feel safe and also purchased lots of arts and crafts.  

Rosina and rules

Rosina did a picture for the wall in the activity room and also some that she could keep safe in her box to take home.  Rosina loved getting her nails painted, watching a Clueless DVD, listening to music and singing and dancing with Support Practitioner, Lisa.

Rosina and her boxRosina and activityRosina and her painted nails










Our Johnstone office activity room is a safe space for people we support to access, where they can participate in different fun activities such as watching DVDs, listening to music, flicking through magazines, pamper sessions, jigsaws, arts and crafts etc. 

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