Invaluable support in Hamilton and Blantyre!

Monday 1 August 2022

We use a range of ways to gather feedback from the people we support and their families.  This information is important and helps us monitor and make improvements to the delivery of support in our services.  It's always nice though when someone takes the time to tell us, in their own words, how the support they are receiving has impacted their life!

Staff from our Hamilton and Blantyre Connect Service were delighted to receive five star feedback from a lady they have been supporting!


"I am very happy with the support I have received from Connect Service (Hamilton and Blantyre) and would like very much to share how much they have helped improve my quality of life so far.

As context, following the sudden death of my husband in 2018 I have suffered from anxiety and depression and have lived with very low self esteem all my life. I am under the care of the Community Mental Health Team and Psychological services and therefore was and am very vulnerable and isolated and had virtually stopped going out, being very anxious even about meeting friends and family.

The support workers gradually built my confidence by first meeting me in my home area, gradually building my confidence by being kind, friendly, patient and reliable. I was eventually able to get the bus myself to the local town and built my confidence further even during the pandemic, including lockdowns. This involved building confidence to do small amounts of shopping, my support worker was kind, supportive and reliable during this difficult time. When lockdown rules allowed I began to go for coffee with the support workers. The relaxed  attitude and good company of the support workers was very significant in me gradually feeling comfortable and able to do this. This has improved my quality of life as I am gradually being encouraged to be confident within my own limited social group, something I need to expand for my future wellbeing.

My key worker has been invaluable to me. I feel very comfortable with her and whilst  I commend all the support workers, she has been very insightful in targeting practical support and advice which is specific to me. 

I have also enjoyed very much the clubs, especially the travel card outings. This has increased my confidence mixing in groups to the point I actually enjoy it. This is very different to the nervous wreck I when I was first referred to the service. More recently, the clubs have started, which again have increased my confidence, lifted my spirits and spurred me on to try and keep up structure and routines; something I  still need to improve. I also have to work on my social anxiety and feel supported by my key worker and group leaders alike to work on this in the groups where I am gradually gaining confidence to participate

Finally, whilst I have come a very long way since first being referred to the service; I still have a quite a way to go in building my confidence and self esteem so the very good and reassuring news to me is that Connect Service will continue support  me as long as I need it. I cannot speak highly enough of my key worker, the team manager and other support staff in terms of mixing professionalism with a friendly environment and support attentive to different service users needs".

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