Safety conscious Jacqueline!

Thursday 8 September 2022

Our mission is to develop and deliver the best personal supports that listen to what people want and helps them to achieve the things that matter to them.  We do this by living our values!  A feeling of being safe within her environment was very important to Jacqueline in our Hinshaw Street Service!  Jacqueline is excited to now have a very important role within the service!

Through conversations with staff, Jacqueline had spoken about safety and how she liked to feel safe within the building. In order to reassure her, the Team Manager had asked her if she would like to help with the weekly fire warden checks. Jacqueline was excited to help and had already shown an interest by notifying staff and management if a fire check was a little bit late or if there was an issue with a fire door or window not closing properly. Any issues would cause some anxiety for Jacqueline and it would be her main focus and on her mind for the rest of the day!

After showing so much interest and skill in relation to fire safety, Jacqueline was delighted to be asked if she would like to be the new Fire Warden for the building and started assisting staff to carry out the checks on a regular basis. She even has her very own high visibility vest with ‘Fire Warden’ printed in lovely red glitter! 

JacquelineJacqueline   Fire Warden









Even when Jacqueline is not carrying out her checks with staff, she is always vigilantly looking out for issues such as fire doors being open! She of course reports these immediately to staff!

Jacqueline feels much safer and more in control of her environment as a result of being involved in the fire safety of the service and takes great pride in her status as a Fire Warden. It has also allowed Jacqueline’s skills to be used in a positive and productive way rather than perhaps previously being viewed as behaviours of concern.

Our Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Karen said: -
“I recently visited the service to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and was very impressed with Jacqueline’s involvement and enthusiasm in relation to safety. It was fabulous to see that the staff, in particular Senior Support Worker David, had gone to such lengths to allow Jacqueline to flourish in such a manner”.

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