Our 2021/2022 results!

Friday 7 October 2022

Our mission is to listen to the people we support and to help them achieve the things that matter to them. We are therefore happy to share the results of our 16th annual ‘How well are we doing’ survey of people we support and our 13th annual Family and Carers survey. 701 people we support and family members / carers responded to our surveys and we thank them all for their valuable feedback.


The survey covers the year April 1st 2021 – 31st March 2022 and therefore specific references to Covid-19 pandemic related factors such as shielding and social distancing were included within both surveys.

The Results

We are delighted to once again received consistently high satisfaction scores with the majority of question generating rates within the range of 88-96%. Indeed satisfaction has not dipped below 80% for any question / theme across both surveys.

This year we also achieved record high satisfaction rates in the ‘How well are we doing survey’ in relation to the support we provide to help people feel safe and to improve / maintain their wellbeing. Satisfaction in regards to having fun and being connected has also increased on the previous year.

The full results of each survey were:

How Well are We Doing Survey of People We Support

  • 96% said the support helped them feel safe (including during the pandemic
  • 95% said the support has helped their wellbeing over the past year
  • 93% said we give them the right support
  • 91% said that staff listen to and respected them
  • 90% said the support helped them achieve the things that matter to them
  • 89% said their support has helped them stay connected to the important people in their life over the past year
  • 88% said their service was well managed
  • 88% said that over the past year they have been given as much choice as possible to shape their own support
  • 84% said that over the past year their support has helped them to have as much fun as possible
  • 80% agreed that when they had been unable to get out into their community or if they have been shielding, their support has helped them do other things they enjoyed

Families and Carers Survey

  • 95% agreed that we kept their family member safe
  • 94% said they knew how to contact their family member’s service if needed
  • 92% said that we listen and are respectful towards their family member
  • 92 % agree that they have opportunities to discuss any questions or concerns about the support including with regards to COVID safety measures
  • 91% agree our staff were well matched to their family member
  • 90% agree that their family members services was well managed
  • 89% feel our staff have given their family members as much choice as possible to shape their support over the past year
  • 89% said they feel the support from TRFS has helped maintain their family member’s wellbeing over the past year
  • 89% agreed that staff listen to and respect the comments and suggestions they make
  • 88% feel the staff supporting their family member had the appropriate skills and knowledge
  • 88% agreed that we support their family member to achieve the things that matter to them
  • 85% feel we have provided consistent staffing during the COVID 19 pandemic
  • 85% said they feel informed about new measures we have taken to protect the wellbeing of their family member during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 85% agreed that we provide opportunities for their family member to have fun
  • 84% said we have helped their family member stay active or involved in their community as much as possible throughout the last year
  • 80% said they received enough information about the support The Richmond Fellowship Scotland provides to their family member
  • 80% said they feel informed about any relevant changes to the support their family member received

Reflecting on this years survey results, our Chief Executive Austen Smyth highlights the unique focus we have around helping people to have fun and sets out how we are committed to doing even more in this regard;

“TRFS embraces the value of Fun for the People We Support. We back this with significant investment into our Participatory Funding initiative, our Fun Department with its Fun Achiever posts and our soon to open luxury holiday chalet experiences which will be free for use for the people we support. We are unique in measuring our ability to support Fun impact into the lives of the people we support and have done this for over 16 years”.

How our results compare

We benchmark How Well Are We Doing Survey satisfaction scores against comparable questions from the Scottish Government’s bi-annual National Health and Care Experience Survey (most recently conducted in November 2021). 

For a number of years we have consistently achieved favourable satisfaction rates against those recorded in the Nation Health and Care experience survey.  In 2021 / 2022 the difference in satisfaction has increased to a range of between 21-33% higher across all comparable questions:

Comparison table


The positive results achieved in our 2021 / 2022 surveys are a testament to the dedication, values and skill of our staff who have worked diligently throughout the pandemic delivering high quality personalised services.  Stephen McCaffrey, Chair of the TRFS Management Committee conveys our sincere thanks:

““I would like to thank TRFS staff on the frontline who day in, day out, provide the support which defines TRFS and enshrines in practice what we do and what we are truly about. The results from our satisfaction surveys evidence the impact TRFS makes.”

We will continue to listen and improve. Thank you once again to all the respondents and to our wonderful staff!


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