WAAD 2023 - Different Minds. One Scotland.

Sunday 2 April 2023

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day!

Different Minds. One Scotland. is an ongoing campaign by the Scottish Government to raise awareness and understanding of autistic people nationwide. Our National Autism Advisor, Callum McCrosson, is one of the autistic people involved in the co-creation.

“The message of Different Minds is very important to me both as a professional supporting autistic people and as an autistic person myself.  This year we’ve focused on how we can all struggle with social interaction. It isn’t that I or anyone we support at The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is less able to have friends, maintain relationships, and interact with others. We have a different style than most people, and with some compromise, we can achieve the outcomes that autistic people want.”

Callum leads our ongoing work to create a world that enables the autistic people we support. We can only do this by co-producing strategies and environments, acknowledging that some people think differently.

To that end, TRFS is launching an Autism SharePoint accessible to all our colleagues.  The SharePoint has a range of sections to meet a wide variety of needs, from national news items and exciting videos to specialist resources and up-to-date thinking to be relevant to the People We Support.

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For more information on autism or to learn more about the campaign, visit the differentminds.scot website.


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