Jordan's winning seaside bid!

Tuesday 4 July 2023

We are in our 11th year of Participatory Funding for the People We Support. We commit £100,000 each year, so the People We Support can come up with their own ideas, events, activities and projects showing us that “Outcomes are Fun”! We walk and talk our commitment to People We Support having “fun in their lives”.

One person to recently benefit from the organisation’s Participatory Funding, is Jordan from our Broomfield Service.  Jordan wanted to spend a few days in Blackpool.  With support from staff, Jordan worked hard to get a brilliant bid together for the Participatory Funding event where everyone gets together to vote for their favourite bids!

In preparation, Jordan and his staff team researched travel to Blackpool, where they would stay and what activities they would take part in so that they could say how much money they would need for their bid.  They then had to work on their presentation to attract votes!  Their presentation was spectacular!

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Jordan’s hard work paid off and he was awarded £1,500 for his trip.

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Jordan headed to Blackpool on 29th May for 3 nights with Chris and George. They stayed in a nearby caravan park so had all the benefits of onsite restaurants and entertainment and travelled into Blackpool to visit the tower, the beach and lots of amusement arcades.

Jordan stated he had a great time and said one of his favourite things, apart from the arcades, was sleeping on the sofa bed in the caravan watching TV.  

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Chris and George stated it was as much a holiday for them as it was for Jordan.  They all had a fab relaxing time and now that Blackpool is done, bring on Benidorm!

IMG 20230601 WA0004





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