Joanne's football challenge!

Friday 21 July 2023

Joanne from our Dalbeath service has been trying to meet new friends in her local area and find activities to keep her fit and healthy.


Joanne is very bubbly and loves to meet up with other people and enjoys being part of a team, so when staff told her about an adult football team that was practicing at her local leisure centre, Joanne wanted to go along to see if it was an activity that she would enjoy.

With staff support she bought herself some new clothes, suitable to play football in, and a rucksack she could use to take along a change of clothing and a drink for after her game.

On the evening, Joanne became very nervous of meeting new people for the first time and was unsure whether she wanted to go along to the group in case she didn't enjoy playing football. Staff reassured her that she could leave at any time if she wasn't having fun but told her that she wouldn't know until she went along whether she would enjoy it or not. With staff support and encouragement Joanne said she would go along and watch what was happening. As you can see from the photos, it didn't take Joanne long to join in with the practice. It was a lovely sunny evening and she thoroughly enjoyed herself and was so excited to tell her mum all about it when she arrived back home and speak about the new friends she had made.

JoanneJoanne 2Joanne 3

Joanne said she was so glad she had decided to go along after all.

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