Congratulations! Sheriff Park's 30th Anniversary!

Thursday 2 May 2024

March 2024 marked 30 epic years of the Sheriff Park service and in true Sheriff Park style there was a huge celebration with friends, family a buffet and alpacas. No really, there were alpacas!  


Sheriff Park first opened its doors in March 1994 and since then has continued to support people in their transition from hospital to community. We’ve had a lot of people through the doors and cherish the time we had with them all as they learned how to become thriving members of the community whilst living with mental ill health. 

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Family, friends, colleagues and care teams were all invited to help to join in the celebrations! 

Les said “I loved it, in the company of my two Aunt Betty’s it was a good get together”.  

Gary agreed saying “it was a great day – LOVED IT wish we could do it all again”. Gary said he especially loved talking to everyone, Louise, Linda, Karen and everyone else.  

“It was good to see Richard and Naomi and get a catch up” said Mark.  

Steven thought it was a good day and thought it was a good idea to get the marquee, listen to the music and talk to people. 

Screenshot 2024 04 29 141418The people we support and staff created a ’memory walk’ focusing on a few areas showcasing the highlights and bringing back memories. Steven said “it was good to look at the pictures on the boards for memories”. 

Screenshot 2024 04 29 141453Screenshot 2024 04 29 141529

Screenshot 2024 04 29 141751The boards focused on highlighting memories they have had on Fundraising, Having Fun, Holiday’s, Arts & Crafts, Future Plans, Gardening Group and our Grow and Learn Award, Participation, Participatory Funding and Health & Wellbeing.  

Screenshot 2024 05 02 112016Screenshot 2024 05 02 112049





Onto the speeches, Lynn kicked off with a speech about how Sheriff Park was 30 years ago compared to how it is today.   

Screenshot 2024 05 02 111309Everyone wanted to share what they thought made Sheriff Park unique and who better to tell you how it works that the people that live here. Gary, Steven, Martin, Mark and Les all wrote speeches about their time and what Sheriff Park means to them. Everyone looked on proudly as they stood up to deliver their speeches, more important than anything else was hearing from the people we support who are at the core of everything we do. Both Mark and Martin enjoyed doing their speeches, Martin said he felt really proud of everyone too. Les also loved all of the speeches!

Screenshot 2024 05 02 111343

Once the speeches were finished, there was the pleasure of live music from Lesley and Barney from ‘Jug Band’ while everyone was enjoying their delicious buffet! 

Mark said he enjoyed talking to everybody and enjoyed the sandwiches. Martin also agreed that the food was excellent saying it was a great day, “I liked the company, enjoyed the singers and enjoyed my sister's company”. 

And don’t forget the Alpacas. The excitement was real when everyone saw the trailer at the end of the driveway bringing in Toby and Sid, the furry and oh so fluffy companions for the day. 

Screenshot 2024 05 02 111421

Screenshot 2024 05 02 111456Screenshot 2024 05 02 111528Screenshot 2024 05 02 111558Once everyone had tidied up, there was just time to snap a few photos of almost the full house! 

Screenshot 2024 05 02 111632









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