Brian's Todhill Weekend Break

Friday 14 June 2024

Brian travelled to The Richmond Fellowship Scotland’s beautiful Todhill Chalets in Ayrshire in the second week of June for his summer holiday.  

As Brian needs time to settle into a new location, he was at first a little confused and cautious. His staff team were amazed by how quickly he adapted. By the first morning, he started smiling and laughing more than usual and seemed not to stop for the next three days!  

Although he clearly enjoyed trips around the idyllic West Coast of Scotland, especially to the town of Largs, and loved the constant company and attention of his support team, by far the thing he enjoyed most was the delicious food! Every meal was accompanied by vigorous sounds of delight and enjoyment, which made meals a blast for everyone. A baked potato with pulled pork in Irvine seemed especially tasty.  

Throughout the trip, he was the happiest and most peaceful you’ll ever find him. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and has had a notable positive impact on Brian’s wellbeing. 

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