Information Day for Parents

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Laura Andrew (Acting Team Manager from North Lanarkshire Services) and Marie Thomson (Behaviour Support Advisor) were invited to meet with parents whose children were leaving Bothwellpark High School in 2013 or 2014.  Bothwellpark High School is in Motherwell and is a special state school for girls and boys. 

Laura spoke about the different types of services available in Lanarkshire. These are Care at Home, Housing Support, Shared Lives and Get Connected services. Laura described how the parents can go about getting these types of support from The Richmond Fellowship Scotland. If you are interested in finding out about services in your area, call our Head Office on 0141 779 6300 and we will be happy to help you. 

Marie then explained about the Positive Behaviour Team and about the work they do with individuals in services.  Marie shared a piece of work that she did with a young woman who had left school. 

Parents then had an opportunity to ask questions and their questions centred around areas such as how flexible support can be, the reliability of staff and what training staff receive. Parents left with an information pack and contact details and were encouraged to get in touch if they wanted further information about our services. 


If you are parent or teacher and would like to us to come to your school to tell you about our services, then please get in touch at the below details. 

Positive Behaviour Support Team

Marie Thomson, Behaviour Support Advisor, 0141 779 6300 or

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