Carers Training in Edinburgh

Friday 2 August 2013


Positive Behaviour Training and Intensive Support for Family Carers of People with Autism without a Learning Disability


An opportunity for carers to receive practical training to help and support their family member who is aged 16 years and above.  

Training Information
This training is being funded by the City of Edinburgh Council and Parents of Autism Spectrum Disorder Adults (PASDA).

There will be 6 half-day training sessions which will start the week of the 16th of September 2013 and will run for 12 weeks (1 session every 2 weeks). There is the flexibility of day and evening training available. As well as the training sessions you will be offered the option of Intensive Support (Home Visits and 1:1 Sessions). 

The Positive Behaviour Support Team
The training will be led by Marie Thomson from The Positive Behaviour Support Team (PBST) in partnership with Parents of Autism Spectrum Disorder Adults (PASDA) and the Aspire Transition Team. 

How to Book
Visit and complete an application form or contact PASDA on 0759 200 6222.

The closing date for applications is Thursday the 22nd of August 2013

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