People we support having fun

Thursday 10 October 2013

We held a concert for the people we support at Queens Park, Glasgow which was a huge success.

We had great feedback from the individuals we support;

"It was a brilliant day I was so happy to play with my band. I am going to do it again next year and we are going to play at the Blackford open day, I felt so excited to be on stage."

"I had fun at the concert the best bit was when everyone was clapping and dancing, the day made me feel happy."

"Never mind T in the Park! It’s all about TRFS in the park! This was a great day for supported individuals and staff members to spend with their family and friends who all came together in Queen’s Park. We also managed to lure in a famous film star/director who couldn’t resist joining in the fun. It involved the community and a real good vibe took place that day. This event was a great idea and very well worth the money dedicated to it from the participatory budget funding. It was well planned, well executed and it would be wonderful if this could become a yearly event. It would grow over the years to become bigger and better. I hope, and look forward to, attending this event again in the future!"

Jean Phin & Charlene Clelland

Tha Makeshifts

Deborah McLean

People we support having fun

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