Positive Pathways Evaluation Published

Monday 9 December 2013

The evaluation of our successful training programme for carers of people with autism, Positive Pathways, has now been published in the journal Good Autism Practice. This is a special issue of the journal, focused on autism research and practice within Scotland. TRFS is very pleased to be part of this special issue, which was recently launched by the Scottish Government.

The evaluation describes the 5-day training programme for family carers of adults with autism which was delivered in 18 venues around Scotland to 130 carers. The training focused on Positive Behaviour Support, which is a very successful approach to supporting people with autism who may also have behavioural challenges.

The Positive Behaviour Support Team from TRFS developed and delivered the training. The evaluation demonstrates that the training had a very positive impact both on levels of challenging behaviour for individuals with autism, and also in reducing stress and increasing well-being for family carers.

The published article is now available to download.

For more information about Positive Pathways, or to inquire about The Positive Behaviour Support Team delivering Positive Pathways in your area, please email amacdonald@trfs.org.uk

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