Mental Health Awareness Week 2014: Useful Links

Monday 19 May 2014

Now it is the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, here is a quick burst of seven links from NHS Choices to help you with your mental health:

Mental health video wall

Watch these real-life stories to get an insiders view of life with a mental health condition. See how people have overcome their conditions with support and help, and used their experiences to help others:

Mood self-assessment

We can all feel low, anxious or panicky from time to time. Check your mood using this simple questionnaire and get advice on what might help:

Depression self-assessment

This is for information only and is not intended to replace a consultation with a GP. The PHQ was developed by Drs Robert L Spitzer, Janet B.W. Williams, Kurt Kroenke and colleagues with a grant from Pfizer Inc.: 

Wellbeing self-assessment

This tool uses WEMWBS, a scale which is often used by scientists and psychologists to measure wellbeing. To get your wellbeing score, go through the statements and tick the box that best describes your thoughts and feelings over the last two weeks:

Workplace stress test

Take this short test to find out if your job is leading to stress. It will provide you with a short assessment plus lots of useful guidance and links to get further information:

Are money worries affecting your health?

Worrying about money can really take it's toll on your health. This short test will assess how money worries are affecting you and will give practical information from the Money Advice Service on how to get your finances under control:

Lift your mood video wall

Watch the video wall for practical help and ideas to improve your mood and mental wellbeing. Includes advice and tips from experts plus real-life stories:

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