Amy's marathon effort for a better garden

Friday 23 May 2014

Amy Herrington

Amy, a Senior Support Worker for The Richmond Fellowship Scotland in Dundee, is running in the Stockholm marathon on 31st May 2014 to try and raise around £400.00 for garden improvements at the service where she works.

Amy, a former psychology student at Glasgow University, is deeply passionate about helping the people we support. She says, “We all have mental health but sometimes this can deteriorate for one reason or another.  A current topic of discussion with regards to mental health is seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This has been found to affect 2 million people in the UK where individuals suffer mentally due to lack of sunlight. When supporting individuals within my service I have realised how important this is and how, by contributing to renovating their garden area, it could benefit them.

My fundraising target is £400.00 where I would love to be able to provide my service with raised flowerbeds, bird feeders and possibly a sun house (all chosen by the individuals I support). With your support to meet my target, you will be helping The Richmond Fellowship Scotland and promote:

  • Choice -the residents choosing these materials for the garden.
  • Active participation-residents involvement in gardening and feeding the birds.  
  • Community presence- encouraging socialisation within the service. And

All of which will help contribute to a better quality of life for the People We Support.”

If you would like to help Amy, you can contribute here:

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