Committed to Excellence Award for The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

Wednesday 30 July 2014

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is delighted to have achieved a Committed to Excellence award from the European Foundation of Quality Management.


EFQM Logo C2E2014  2This is the culmination of over a year’s hard work on our Quest for Quality Action Plan, starting in April 2013 when we critically examined how we perform against the standards laid down by the Public Services Framework (PSIF).  This led to creation of a number of working groups who were then tasked to implement this.

Quality Scotland, who carried out the evaluation on behalf of the European Foundation of Quality Management, gave us extremely positive feedback. They commented, “[There has been] consistent use of cross-organisational working groups to deliver the projects and this was seen as a key strength....It is evident that there is a commitment to the Quest for Quality process and to being involved in improvement activities......The passion and its impact was clearly witnessed through the Focus Group discussion”.

Ann McGuigan, Contracts & Evaluation Manager said, “The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is delighted to have such motivated and enthusiastic staff.  We will continue our quality journey, and take forward all of the actions identified in the plan.  We also intend to further strengthen our approach to quality, by integrating our Quest for Quality action plan with our Investors in People one. 

Thank you to all the staff involved in this, and to all the staff within The Richmond Fellowship Scotland who see the value of continually striving to improve the quality of everything that we do.  Ultimately, these improvements contribute towards improved services and to making better lives for all of the people we support.  We look forward to working positively over the coming years, and moving up to the next level.  Please keep up the good work everyone and watch this space!

A big thank you to all involved; this includes those in the original assessment team, the Lead Officers for each of the actions, and the working groups which took the actions forward.  Thanks too, to the members of the Quality Team for supporting the process and to the Focus Group for making such a positive impact in the course of the validation process.  Quality Scotland was extremely impressed with all of you and it really does demonstrate that quality is everyone’s business!”

Lead Officers for all Actions:

  • Ken Dinwoodie
  • Christina Macaulay
  • Claire Donnelly

Focus Group Members:

  • Gail Stirling
  • Richard Lawrence
  • Lorraine Ramsay
  • Joanne Glen
  • Bill Forrest
  • Vincent Iles
  • Caroline Farquhar
  • Frances Cairney
  • Alex Gilmour
  • April Barnett
  • Marion Brown
  • Shona Scott

About Quality Scotland

Quality Scotland is a charitable, member-based organisation that works across Scotland – in the private, public and voluntary sectors – Quality Scotland provides the expertise and resources to deliver continuous performance improvement.

About the European Foundation of Quality Management

EFQM is the custodian of the EFQM Excellence Model, a non-prescriptive framework that can be used to gain an holistic view of any organisation regardless of size, sector or maturity. Over the past 20 years, the EFQM Excellence Model has been a blueprint for EFQM members and organisations across and beyond Europe to develop a culture of excellence, access good practices, drive innovation and improve their results.

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