Congratulations for New Graduates in Management of Behaviour Support

Friday 31 October 2014

We would like to congratulate 16 members of staff who attended a special graduation ceremony to be awarded with their Certificate in Management of Behaviour Support.

2014 PDA Graduettes

The Personal Development Award in Management of Behaviour Support is unique to The Richmond Fellowship Scotland as it is the only university-accredited behavioural qualification available in Scotland.

The award follows an intensive year long course which covers the foundations of Positive Behaviour Support and its applications to real life settings. This is the third time that this course has run within The Richmond Fellowship Scotland in association with Napier University with a view to providing our managers with new skills as well as recognising and rewarding them for their significant efforts.

Our Executive Director, Vincent Iles, offered his congratulations to the candidates and thanked them for their significant efforts over the past year. Duncan Rochfort, SSW, spoke about how the award has continued to impact his service in the year following his graduation.

2014 PDA Speakers

A very special guest, Gwen Bryden, offered an insight into how the award impacted the service that she receives – we would like to thank her particularly for her contribution.

Stella MacDonald (Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant) spoke about how the PDA and the efforts of the candidates support the aims of the Scottish Government’s Autism Strategy and how she feels these candidates are leading the way for significant improvements in the delivery of autism services.

Finally, Dennis Robertson (MSP Aberdeenshire West) offered his congratulations to our managers for doing so well in a period of austerity and reassured them that their voices are being heard by the Scottish Government.

We would like to congratulate all of our candidates on the receipt of their Professional Development Award in the Management of Behaviour Support: Donna Campbell, Jacquii Fox, Lisa Glass, Caroline Harrison, Sandra Heeps, Sam Henery, Louise Lennox, Marjory MacLarty, Iona McCuish, Lyndsy McGuigan, Sandra McKay,  Fiona McLauchlan, Kenny McMahon, Jean Walker, Cameron White, and Abby Wright.

About Positive Behaviour Support

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is unique within social care in Scotland in having a Positive Behaviour Support Team, who provide innovative, specialist support for people with complex behaviours and additional support needs.

You find out more about the work they do here:

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