Good Autism Practice Meeting

Monday 27 July 2015

The second meeting of our Good Autism Practice (GAP) Group has been a great success.

Autism Group

We covered the topic of transitions including school leaving, home moves and other changes.

Our specialist Behaviour Support Autism Advisor Tia Martin gave a presentation on the common difficulties regarding transitions and how this relates to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Senior Support Worker's Stephen Brennan and Noleen Harte shared their experience of managing transitions in their areas and offered useful advice to those who had not yet experienced this.

Resources and tools for aiding transitions were shown and demonstrated, including social stories for moving home, pre-transition assessment tools and communication devices, and lots of ideas were shared for managing successful transitions.

The next GAP group is scheduled for August and the topic will be how to write Social Stories and use them effectively.

Find out more about how we support individuals with autism here:

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