TRFS at XI Autism-Europe International Congress

Monday 15 August 2016

The XI Autism-Europe International Congress is taking place in Edinburgh from 16th- 18th September. Attended by hundreds of participants from across Europe, speakers from around the world and the Richmond Fellowship Scotland will be there too.


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The Autism-Europe International Congress is organised every 3 years and is dedicated to sharing advances in practical and scientific knowledge about autism to as wide an audience as possible, including researchers, professionals, parents and self-advocates. This year’s congress will focus on the most recent developments across the field of autism, including: causes, genetics, diagnosis, early intervention, treatments, education, support, employment, rights and policies, and many more. It will also provide insight into future developments in knowledge and technologies for autistic people that may soon become a part of everyday life.

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland (TRFS) are delighted to be able to attend and contribute to the information that is shared.

Richard Ibbotson, our Executive Director for the East Region, is presenting on ‘Developing a National Network for Autism and Employment in Scotland’ in partnership with Annie Watson from the Autism Network Scotland. They will talk about what has been done to establish the network since 2007, what it has achieved and who is involved.

It is well known that autistic people are underemployed, and those who are striving to find meaningful work are met with a confusing landscape of employment policy, support programmes and initiatives that are difficult to navigate. The well-established Autism and Employment Network strives to make a real impact on outcomes for autistic people in the workplace as well as ensuring that all organisations involved are connected and good practice is shared.

Ruth Adams, our National Autism Advisor will also be there with a poster presentation about our Positive Pathways initiative. Positive Pathways is our workshop training programme for parent carers of adults and children with autism. Since the beginning of our first Scotland wide Positive Pathways in 2012 we have delivered this course to over 150 families in Edinburgh, East-Lothian and Renfrewshire. As an organisation we will benefit from being able to raise awareness of the work we do with families of people with autism in the community, outside social care funded by local authorities and individual personal budgets.

The XI Autism-Europe International Congress is a great opportunity to hear from people at the forefront of good autism practice and to be able to gather together ideas that can be turned into practical support for the people with autism supported by TRFS.

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