How well are we doing?

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Hawthorne Court 012

We believe that by listening to people’s experiences of receiving support we can learn more about how well our services are working. Using this feedback we can then make our services even better.

Every year we ask the people we support as well as their family and carers to tell us what they think of the services and support provided by The Richmond Fellowship Scotland. Over 1,250 people shared their thoughts with us and we have produced a summary of what they have said - you can view our 2016 results online or here as a PDF.

If we provide support to you or one of your family or someone you care for, then we would love to hear from you for our 2017 survey.

The survey for the people we support is available in a written format as well as an accessible format.  It can also be found online here.
(The online survey is currently in a standard version only but anyone with any accessible software will be able to use this as they would for any webpage.)

The survey for family and carers is also available as a paper copy and can also be found online here.  

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