Our innovative Support Plans make a difference

Friday 9 June 2017

TRFS has invested a lot of time and effort into redesigning the Support Plans we create with the people we support.  Our new approach has refreshed our commitment to person-centeredness and has ensured that our work is truly outcomes focused. 

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The Care Inspectorate has noticed and have made many positive comments in recognition of the difference these plans have made to people.  Below are just a few examples:

"Support plans, review minutes and risk management plans showed us that the supported individual and relevant others were fully involved in agreeing their support and that their needs and preferences were at the centre of decisions made."

"We saw very good evidence for effective partnership with service users and their representatives, as well as professionals from a wide range of community and health based agencies and services. Partnership working helped ensure that the supported person was always at the heart of the service they received and that they were able to access services essential to maintaining positive health and well being."

"We found that supported individuals has a comprehensive support plan that was person centred and reviewed regularly.  Sampled records showed people has choice and control over decisions that were aimed at positive outcomes."

The hard work and commitment shown in services to really make a difference to the people we support is paying dividends and it is great to see this acknowledged by our regulators, the Care Inspectorate.

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