A loving thank you

Thursday 10 August 2017

In June this year, John McDJMCD 2 sadly passed away.  He had been supported in the South side of Glasgow for 14 years.  John's sister Mary took the time to write the following to all of the staff who had supported him over the years:

“Dear Annie,

Thanks again to the wonderful staff of TRFS.  You all made John's life so happy.  He had a wonderful full life thanks to you all.  The staff took him to his clubs (art, wheelchair dancing etc), did 10k marathons with him...stayed late on many special occasions, i.e. birthday parties, the Grand Old Opry and family gatherings; spent many nights overnight at the various hospitals when he was poorly (saving his life on many occasions), visiting him daily in hospital the last few years of his life and learning all the medical procedures to keep him in independent living.

There was nothing they would not attempt for John. We feel so grateful for all their help.  John was so contented in independent living and was determined never to go back into a ‘home’ so it was great that he got his wish. 

So Annie thanks again to TRFS. John knew he was loved and cared for.  He grew in confidence over the years and believed he was an awesome individual which he truly was. 

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