East Region Participation Event

Wednesday 27 September 2017

East Participatory Funding Event

On Friday, September 22nd, East Region held a fabulous and fun participation event in the Galashiels Rugby Club. 

People from all over the region travelled to celebrate their successful funding bids.  In the upcoming year, people will be organising trips, seasonal balls, sensory gardens, football matches and more.  Congratulations to all of the different groups who took the time to put together creative and meaningful bids.

It is worth noting that, this year, for the first time, the region ran a postal voting system.  This meant that people unable to attend the event itself could still get a vote and that the total number of people participating in the funding bid process was greatly increased.

On the day itself, supported individuals and staff had lots of fun.  There was an ice cream van, live music, karaoke, a photo booth, games and a sponge-throwing stall – a few managers graciously took a sponge for the team.  Feedback from the day says that the favourite activities were outdoor games and karaoke.  Who doesn’t love getting a hold of a microphone?!

A lot of work goes into making these events happen and the results are fantastic to see.  Congratulations to all of the East Region staff and to the supported people who made this event something really special.Cheque East FD

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