Celebrating Excellent Feedback

Friday 27 October 2017

How well are we doing?

At TRFS we care about what the people we support and their families and carers think.  We regularly ask them for their views and feedback, both at local and national level.  We have been conducting a satisfaction with the people we support for 11 years and a carers and family survey for 8 years.

We are delighted to report that again this year our satisfaction levels remain really high, with 90% of people who completed the survey saying they are usually happy in the majority of areas of support, for example, giving the right support and making a positive difference to people’s lives.

It is a testimony to our hard work and commitment that our performance as an organisation is higher than that of the sector as a whole, particularly in relation to affording choice.  Compared to the Health & Social Care Experience Survey 2015/2016, 91% of the people we support and their families and carers are satisfied, compared with 79% of the respondents who completed the H&SCE Survey.

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