Positive Pathways Launch Online Learning

Thursday 25 January 2018

Laura A

We applied for funding from the Scottish Government’s Autism Development Fund, to provide an intensive carers support service for parents and carers of young people (age 5 to 18) with autism.

From June 2016 to June 2017 we provided Scotland wide training and 1.1 sessions, with 402 family carers.  Those who attended the training were also given access to a follow up elearning resource to help refresh their memories and to learn more about creating resources for their child.

The final part of the project has been the creation of an online resource for family carers who were unable to attend the training, or didn’t know about this at the time.  This officially launched on Wednesday 10th January 2018.

This resource is free to access for all family carers of young people (age 5 to 18) with autism, access is not time limited, and users can save their progress as they go.

We want you to know about the resource, and if you are able to promote awareness of this course to anyone that it may be of interest to, please signpost them to www.positivepathways.scot

 We are happy to answer any queries at pps@trfs.org.uk 

Flyers are also available by emailing pps@trfs.orguk


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