We Rose to the Snow Challenge!

Monday 5 March 2018

The Last Few Days

 The above subject line sounds like the title of a movie that is up for an Oscar Award. The Oscars it isn’t but the “Last few Days” have seen a wonderful display of effort, resilience, commitment and caring. 


Staff colleagues have been working extra hours, doing extra shifts, staying on in services, trudging through the snow to get to the People we Support to give vital support and reassurance. We have had staff battle to get into offices to ensure our properties (and their occupants) are safe. We have had staff work from home to ensure systems still work and important processes occur.

 Maybe none of us got an Oscar but we sure as heck deserve recognition for the effort that went into ensuring essential services got delivered over the last few days. I know that this is down to you, your effort and your sense of purpose and that is why you did it……you made a difference.

 As CEO for the organisation I want to thank you for delivering on your purpose: helping others and making a difference.

 Please accept my thanks from a very grateful and appreciative CEO.

 With best wishes


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