New Certificate Course is Launched

Wednesday 21 March 2018

This week saw the start of the Certificate in Outcomes-based Support Planning for Autistic People, now in its second year. A total of 30 TRFS staff will be undertaking this course, which is led by the National Autism Adviser and is credit rated through Edinburgh Napier University. The resource was developed in house and successfully completed by 10 staff members last year.

The autism certificate covers a range of topics, with the focus of developing best practice in identifying outcomes with autistic people. The candidates will learn all about autism, communication tools, sensory differences and applying this to the TRFS Support Plan. A total of three cohorts will take part in this year’s intake, graduating in November 2018.  

The course is another example of how TRFS invests in their staff, building local skills to support services for autistic people.

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