Anniversary Boost to Participatory Funding Budgets for 2018/19

Tuesday 1 May 2018

To mark 25 years of TRFS, Austen Smyth, CEO is  delighted to announce that we have increased the regional participatory funding budget from £20k to £25k, taking the total budget for participatory funding to £100K.

This additional funding is to be used specificalA successful bin in the East 2017ly for regions to hold fun-filled events open to everyone. 

Participatory funding allocates a pot of money for each region with the pre-requisite that it must be spent on 'fun' activities which promote positive outcomes for those involved.  The people we support develop “bids” which are then voted on by people we support at local events. A lot of hard work goes into the bids and the events themselves.

We are very excited and can’t wait to hear about and share news of the events as they happen over the coming year!

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