Management and Leadership Graduates 2018

Thursday 10 May 2018

12 more TRFS managers receive the TRFS Management and Leadership Award. 

On Friday 4th May, Management and Leadership graduates were presented with their certificates at an award ceremony at Napier University attended by Austen, our CEO and Wilma Reid from Health Scotland.  Austen spoke of the challenges facing the organisation and how gaining these leadership skills will help equip us for that challenge.

Everyone had a great day celebrating this success, and acknowledging the hard work and commitment of our staff.  It is a huge achievement for them all and one we know will help the organisation continue to develop and grow. 

L Mawards2018

We would like to say thank you and well done to this year's graduates: Elizabeth Cameron - Claire Tallan - Clive Wilson - Annie O’Rourke - George Locke- Karon Mair- Anne Miller- Caroline Cravens- Keith Harvey- Don Fraser- Duncan Rochfort- Donna Winter

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