The ‘Puddin’ Won the First Anniversary Pot - Participatory Funding 18

Friday 1 June 2018

The ‘Puddin’ Won the anniversary Pot in the first of our participatory budgeting events for 2018/19.


The South Region hosted the first of this year’s bidding events. As south Region is so large, they chose to split the allocated pot and host two separate bidding events.  South Region’s East Renfrewshire, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire areas joined forces to kick things off.

Participatory funding allocates a pot of money for each region with the condition that it must be spent on 'fun' activities which promote positive outcomes for those involved.  The people we support develop “bids” which are then voted on by people we support at local events. A lot of hard work goes into the bids and the events themselves.

  • First place was awarded to Cherry Tree Court with a bid for a sensory garden.
  • Second place went to Rutherglenn and Cambuslang Support Service with a bid for a seaside trip and post Christmas Summer Party.
  • Third place went to East Renfrewshire for their bid for TRFS Got Talent.

This year to mark 25 years of TRFS the Regional participatory funding budget was increased from £20k to £25k, providing an additional pot of money to be used for an inclusive event.

The fantastic 25 year anniversary pot was won by East Kilbride Keep on Moving Group to have the Annual Burns Supper, an event which welcomes people from across the Region.  It is already a well established and much looked forward to date on the calendar and the funds will ensure that the event continues to go from strength to strength.

All the other bids were awarded a contribution towards their events.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

The atmosphere was buzzing and the afternoon ended with such a great party atmosphere. Well done to everyone who took part and made the event such a success. 




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