Recognised for Excellence

Wednesday 29 August 2018

96% of our registered services are graded at 4 and above across all assessed themes by the Care Inspectorate.

The analysis of our Care Inspectorate grades has found that at the end of the year (March 2018) our services are performing brilliantly.

96.4% of all grades across all services are grade 4 (good), 5 (very good), or 6 (excellent).

67.5% of all grades across all services are grade 5 (very good), 6 (excellent).

Nearly 16% of grades are excellent.

10% of our services hold a grade 6 across all themes they are assessed against.

A special mention and a massive congratulations to Balmoral Gate who has secured their 7th grade 6 (excellent) since grading began in 2010, and to East Renfrewshire Dementia Service who have maintained their grade 6 (excellent) across all assessed themes for 3 consecutive inspections.

Well done everyone!

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