In a League of their own

Monday 3 September 2018

Delighted to announce that Real Richmond, a team made up of people from our Balmoral Gate Service in Glasgow and William Street Service in Greenock, won last year’s SFA mental health and wellbeing football league!  Through hard training and commitment we had a galvanised team playing at a very high level.  Each player was been presented with team photos and the trophy is in display at Stepps HQ. Credit not only goes to the players but to the coaches Robert O’Donnell (Balmoral gate) and Joe Cannon (William street). 

Both services have had a historic focus around physical activity, in particular football, linked with our approach to peer support and inclusion.  This is very much in keeping with themes of the Keys to Life Standards and the National Care Standards around building relationships and social opportunities for people.  

Well done again Team!























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