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Thursday 13 September 2018

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At TRFS we have a specialist approach to working with people with complex needs who present with challenging behaviours. The focus of this approach is to improve quality of life and to reduce incidents of challenging behaviour. We have recently carried out our recent annual report on incidents of challenging behaviour and this demonstrates clearly that our approach is working.

Incidents of challenging behaviour have reduced and instances of injuries to staff in relation to challenging behaviour have reduced by 33% over the past year. This is a very positive outcome, and clear evidence that we are reducing risk and providing support that better meets people’s outcomes.

This organisational approach is summarised below:

Using Positive Behaviour Support to support people with complex needs. We have a skilled and experienced Positive Behaviour Support team who lead on this throughout the organisation.

Developing a comprehensive and detailed complex needs training framework for our staff. This includes the following training courses:

Professional Development Award in Management of Positive Behaviour Support (credit rated at SCQF Level 9, 30 credits)

Outcome-based Supporting Planning for Autistic People (credit rated, at SCQF Level 8, 20 credits)

Practice Leadership Certificate in Complex Needs targeted at our Complex Needs Practitioners who work in particularly challenging services.

Specialist training provided by our Positive Behaviour Support Team, delivered in every region of the organisation, twice every month. This ensures a local response to challenging situations and provides a local support to complex services.

Creating a new role of Restrictive Practices Advisor, responsible for leading on our reduction of restrictive practices such as restraint, seclusion and other restrictions.

Having a National Autism Advisor who works closely with services to deliver training and advise on best practice in working with autistic people.

We are proud to be able to demonstrate that our organisational commitment to working with people with complex needs has resulted in positive outcomes for the people we support, and also for our staff.

For more information about how we support people with complex needs contact Dr Anne MacDonald at amacdonald@trfs.org.uk


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