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Monday 8 October 2018

The recent report from BBC Radio 4's File on 4 programme highlighted the shocking figures that the use of restraints on adults with learning disabilities in hospital units in England has risen by 50% between 2016 and 2017. 

At TRFS, we are committed to reducing all restrictive practices, including restraint, and we have recently completed the Reducing Restrictive Practices (RRP) Self-Assessment Tool from the Restraint Reduction Network.

Here’s how we scored against the 6 Core Strategies (Huckshorn, 2005). We are delighted to be achieving highly for some areas such as ‘Leadership and Governance’ and ‘Performance Management and we are committed to improving other areas which will form part of the organisation’s RRP strategy going forward.

Specifically, in relation to ‘Customer Involvement’, we already have an organisational Participation Action Plan which addresses how the people we support get involved in what we do, so we will utilise this to focus on the area of customer involvement in RRP. In relation to ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Learning & Development’, we have a new post in 2018 of Restrictive Practice Advisor, and these will be areas for this post to address.

We will continue to work with individuals, their families and staff to reduce the use of restrictive practices and lead the way in Scotland in our work with people with complex needs.

Will your organisation take the RRP self-assessment challenge? 




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