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Sunday 28 October 2018

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland (TRFS) is delighted to share results from our annual satisfaction surveys completed by people we support and their families and carers. We are committed to delivering personalised support based around what people want and the things that matter to them. Our annual surveys are one of the ways that we gather feedback to ensure that we are achieving this mission.  

1140 people completed the surveys; 926 supported individuals and 214 family members or carers. We are happy to announce that the satisfaction scores received this year continue to be extremely positive. Highlights include:

  • 95% of the people we support said TRFS help them feel safe and secure
  • 94% feel that we provide the right support and that they are listened to and respected by our staff.
  • 93% of people we support and 94% of family and carer respondents agree that our services are well managed
  • 96% of families and carers that responded feel that we make a positive difference and 93% are satisfied with the support we provide. 
  • 92% of families and carers agree that our staff are well matched to the person we support and that we help them to achieve their outcomes.

No question across the surveys scored less than 83% satisfaction, and the strength of these results are confirmed when we compared with other results from the social care sector. For example, 3 of the questions in the survey completed by people we support are directly comparable to questions posed in the most recent National Health and Care Survey. This is part of the Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme, published by the Scottish Government.  The 3 questions relate to feeling safe, having choice / a say in how care is provided, and being treated with respect and understanding.  Comparing the results for each reveals that people supported by TRFS score:

  • 15.9% higher rates of satisfaction around having choice about the delivery of their care.
  • 11% higher satisfaction about feeling safe
  • 7.3% higher satisfaction with regards to feeling respected

In addition to rating scale questions, the surveys also offered participants the opportunity to provide additional comments and views, the vast majority of which highlight the positive outcomes of our support:

I feel I am getting better because of the support I receive. Staff help me deal with all the important stuff.

They help with making good decisions rather than bad...I can chat to staff openly about my hopes and dreams. Staff motivate me and don't judge me.

“As a parent it has been very worrying, the transition from school to adult services, but I have learned to relax because I know he is in safe hands.”

The results and feedback received are testament to the energy, skills and commitment of TRFS staff. Moreover, they reflect the application of our core values in the delivery of our services and the continuous investment we make in improving quality, training, and in developing creative approaches (such as our participatory funding programme) that help people achieve positive outcomes.

As always there is scope to improve. For example, the survey results indicate that we should continue to create opportunities for people we support to engage in fun activities; strive for as much continuity in the delivery of support as possible; and that we should continually strengthen communication with families and carers. We will use this and other feedback from the surveys to inform our improvement activity throughout the year ahead.

A more complete overview of our annual survey results will be published on the TRFS website.

For more information about our survey results please contact:


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