Gary's Story

Friday 26 October 2018

How it makes me feel getting 6’s for my home at Sheriff Park - by Gary

I have been a resident at Sheriff Park for 7 years.

I go my holidays every year and have week end trips. I get involved in the Garden group growing vegetables and we also have a small Orchard.  I am now involved in the Caley Grow and Learn, and will receive an Achievement Award when completed.

I am involved in making plaster casts at the Arts group with a staff member and we sell them as rainy day kits.

I am also involved in editing the Peer Support group Newsletter. I enjoy this as I have the chance to choose what is going in to the Newsletter.

I also attend Flourish House, this gives me a chance to meet new friends and learn other skills. I go twice a week independently.

The best thing that can happen to anyone is getting 6’s for their home from the Care Inspectorate. There is a very friendly atmosphere and staff are always there for me to answer my questions, also for the other residents.

I like to talk to the Care Inspector and tell him about my home - he must listen to me.

I love it when we receive a glass house from Directors, this makes us all feel great.

I have a key worker and we have worked on my folder which I have good photos of myself in this.

The best part of it all we go for our Celebratory meal for getting 6’s from the Care Inspector.


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