Privacy Notice

By completing the How Well Are We Doing? Survey, you are saying that it is ok for TRFS to use the information you have given us to help make services better. The care inspectorate tells us that we must get your thoughts and views on your service, and so it is important that we ask you what you think.  What you tell us will be used to make things better in yours service and the other services we have. We will collect what you have told us, with what others tell us.  We will then use it to write a report about what we have learned from what people tell us.  The report might be shared on our website or shared with professionals. 

We will make sure that the information we share in the report does not contain anything that would let people know who completed the surveys. If you told us any other personal information we will also make sure this is stored safely.

The survey you complete will be kept safely for 2 years and then we will destroy it.  We have policy in the organisation that says how we will look after your information.

If you want us to destroy your survey before the 2 years has passed, we can do that.  You will need to ask our data protection officer (details below)to do this for you.

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland, Data Protection Officer: or 0141 779 6308

You have the right to complain to The Information Commissioner’s Office: