I've not only met some amazing people but had some real fun and truly feel part of something.

Before Nicola received support from The Richmond Fellowship Scotland, she found it difficult to leave the house, struggled with medication and felt her mood changed rapidly. She found daily living tasks difficult and struggled with auditory and visual hallucinations.

Due to the deterioration of her mental health and hospitalisation for seven weeks, it was felt by all services that Nicola required additional support on a more long term basis. She initially received support three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This was to enable her to collect her medication, social inclusion, shopping and to boost her confidence.

Nicola has been gradually improving while being supported by The Richmond Fellowship Scotland. She is currently working towards a more independent lifestyle and trying to achieve her goals. She now allows staff to spot check medication as required and is looking at boosting her confidence by meeting a new staff member, which in the past she has found difficult.

Nicola also allows staff into her home when she is unwell now, whereas previously she refused. She is pro-active in many social activities within The Richmond Fellowship Scotland and is volunteering for the Mother and Toddler group at the church as well as helping out at the Christmas children box collection.

Nicola says: "Having a mental health problem can make you very isolated from your local community and family. Meeting new people who know what it is like to have a disability and to feel isolated makes such a big difference to the meaningful, quality of my life.

I have been involved in many activities organised by staff at Supported Living Service such as Warm Welcome club, lots of day trips, Christmas get togethers, boat trips and most recently a lovely BBQ. Throughout all of the activities I have not only met some amazing people but had some real fun and truly feel part of something, something that does not focus on my disability."

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