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In February 2018, The Richmond Fellowship Scotland signed up to the Charter for Involvement, a document written by the National Involvement network.   It sets out in their own words how supported people want to be involved, in the support that they get, in the organisations that provide their services, in the wider community. 

The most important aim of the Charter is for people who receive support to be more listened to and respected.  The Charter is unique in Scotland as it has been written and developed by people who use services for service providers to make involvement better for everyone.

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By signing up to the charter, it shows that as an organisation we:

  • Agree with the Charter principles and statements.
  • Commit to working in partnership with people who use our service to further develop our participation action plan. This will say what actions we will take to improve involvement.
  • Commit to working in partnership with people who use our services to check how the organisation is doing with these actions on a regular basis.
  • Commit to sharing learning and ideas on improving involvement. 

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